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The SafeAire Difference

Residential Installs

Designing and installing the heating and cooling system that’s most suitable for your situation is a challenge we approach with expert precision.

Service & Repair

SafeAire services all makes and models of air conditioning and heating equipment. Whether we’re performing basic preventive maintenance or complicated repairs and installations.

Commercial Services

SafeAire specializes in retrofitting older buildings with high-efficiency systems and providing design-build for ground up new construction.

  • "Thanks to the folks at SafeAire for the great service this morning. Came in to the office and the AC was out. They had someone here very quickly and fixed within 45 minutes. I have a bunch of left over popsicles if anybody wants one."
    State Farm, Carl Plowden Agent
  • "Excellent service!!!!"
    Charlie Stiles
  • "Great company!!"
    Antonio Clark