SafeAire Filters

Here at SafeAire, we receive a lot of questions regarding filters. The first thing to remember about your filter is that changing it is very important - failing to change your air filter regularly leads to decreased system performance, decreased energy efficiency, and decreased lifespan of the unit. One of the questions that we get the most often is "how often should I change my air filter?" Frequency is very important. You should change your air filter at least every 60 days, but we recommend changing it every 30 days. Changing your filter when you pay your power bill is a great way to remember. Properly choosing the type of air filter is also important. First, remember to choose the correct filter medium. The most common filter medium that people see is pleated versus non-pleated. In most cases, we recommend using a non-pleated filter. If your home has multiple returns or larger returns, a pleated filter could be right for you. The fourth thing we want to remember about choosing a filter is choosing the correct size. Measure your return, which could be located in the ceiling, floor, or wall, and choose a filter so that the return is completely covered with no gaps around the edges. Finally, be sure to face your filter in the right direction. There will be a small arrow on the side of your filter indicating the directional flow. This arrow should face into the return grill with the flow of air. If you have any questions regarding your filter, please give us a call.