SafeAire HVAC Maintenance

Hi, my name is Jonathan Siskey and I'm the Service Manager at SafeAire Heating & Cooling. Here at SafeAire, we are talking about proper maintenance of your HVAC system. For most people, an HVAC system is the most expensive investment to both purchase and operate that they will make in their home. Like any mechanical system, it requires regular maintenance. Preventative maintenance is the smart, simple way to get the most out of your HVAC system. It helps keep the system running properly and helps troubleshoot problems before they occur by deterring costly breakdowns and helping to identify problems before you're left without heating or cooling. We recommend twice annually, once prior to heating season and once prior to cooling season. Also, be sure that the maintenance is performed by a licensed HVAC contractor. Most companies have a checklist of preventative maintenance actions they will perform. Here at SafeAire, we have a 30-point checklist we perform with each preventative maintenance visit. At a minimum, a company should check the electrical components, clear the drain system, and ensure proper function of the refrigeration system within your HVAC unit. Here at SafeAire, we offer a maintenance program that includes two visits annually, priority service, price discounts, and other benefits. If you have any questions regarding our maintenance program, please give us a call or visit us at